Board of Trustees Minutes 2018

                                                                                  Macsherry Library Minutes January 2018         January 10th 2018



     Present: Steve Burns, Sue-Ryn Burns, Tom Mitchell, Tom Estes, Georgia Weathers, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompon, Amanda Rydberg on the phone, Harriet Burris, Ceil Cunningham.       

      Guest: On the advice of one of our bluegrass musicians, Cliff Hulbert, we will purchase sound equipment for musical eents with an estimated cost of $850. Musician's Friend is a recommended supplier.

                 Ann moved to purchase the equipment, Amanda seconded. Motion passed.



          the December minutes are reviewed. Ann moves to accept minutes as presented, Steve seconds, passed


          the financial report is reviewed, some clarifications are added.

          Money in the bank accounts is reviewed

          Tom E. moves to accept the financial report; seconded by Ann , passed

          Bills to be paid: The bills are reviewed and Steve moves to pay the bills; Sue-Ryn seconds; motion passed

     Library doors

          The Gallery doors are being refubished

     Minimum wage: As of 12/31/2017 the minimum wage is $10.40 per hour. We discuss the wages and agree to increase the present wages of staff.

           Tom E. makes the motion to increase the present wages; Ann seconds; the measure passed

     Monetary issue: The Friends of Macsherry Library funds are down. We discuss the issue further.

            Ann feels the budget shortfall will be covered in 2018. Committee meeting will follow up expanding the number of people who are Friends of Macsherry Library. We will begin in February.

     Budget: The 2017 budget figures are reviewed. Some expenditures are listed in the wrong category and are corrected.

            There is an anticipated cost increase for periodicals due to the relocation of a generous donor. Ceil goes over line items that are questioned.

     Bluegrass Evening: In December it was decided to include New Year's Day on the Bluegrass calendar for 2018. There was a nice turnout of musicians in January; not many in the audience, but it was

             a very cold day. Many of the performers who were there in December were there again in January.

     Heart of Winter:

            Sue-Ryn reviews where our planning stands at this point. The event date is February 10th.

            A suggestion is made to have the art display up for three weeks.

            January 29th is the entry deadline, February 5th drop off day for artwork.

            Ann will send Thank You notes. Harriet will get in touch with the restaurants.

            There is a question about changing the application to address hotel's versus homemade products or placing them together on one side or the other of the table during the event.

     Nominations: Tom Mitchell nominates: Steve Burns for VP, Sue-Ryn trustee, Ann Ward trustee, Tom Estes Treasurer, Harriet Burris trustee, Georgia Weathers trustee, Amanda Rydberg trustee,

            and Cecilia Thompson Secretary.

            Ann Ward nominates Tom Mitchell as president.

            Ann moved the nomination slate should go forward; Amanda seconds; all are in favor.

     Greg Couch: A discussion follows on when he will be coming to discuss investments with us.

     Grant opportunities: There is a small grant program for public libraries. Application would be for projects that are special activities outside of standard curriculum for children. We will revisit

            the issue at a later date.

      We adjourn at 8:35

      Ann moves to adjourn, Amanda seconds, all agree

      Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson.


       Approved 02/14/2018



                                                                               Macsherry Library Minutes February 2018          February 14th  2018


Present:  Ceil Cunningham, Ann Ward, Harriet Burris, Steve Burns, Tom Mitchell, Geprgia Weathers, Amanda Rydberg (by phone)

Guest:  Rich LeClerc

Meeting opened at 7:08 PM

Ann Ward moved, Steve Burns seconded to accept the minutes as presented with revisions. M/S/C

Ann Ward moved, Harriet Burris seconded to pay the bills as presented. M/S/C

Steve Burns distributed the yearly budget proposal. After discussion and with revisions, Ann Ward moved, Harriet Burris seconded to accept the budget proposal.


Friends of Macsherry Library:  Ann Ward hopes to expand the number of FML this year.

Bluegrass at Macsherry:  Georgia Weathers reported that February's bluegrass evening had a turnout of 27 including musicians.

Library ProgramsCeil Cunningham reported that programs are doing very well. We hope to do at least one movie per month and in the future offer virtual tours.

Heart of Winter:  Steve Burns reported that it went very well.

Hearts for Youth: Tom Mitchell reports they are having a staycation.

Staff Concerns: Rich LeClerc was introduced as a new (old) trustee.

President:  Tom reported that the Board received thank you cards from Barbara Hearn and Karen Wilcox.

Steve Burns moved, Harriet seconded, to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM

Respectfully submitted by Georgia Weathers , Secretary pro tem

approved March 13th 2018



                                                                    Macsherry Library Minutes March 2018         March 14th 2018


Present: Steve Burns, Ann Ward, Tom Estes, Harriet Burris, Sue-Ryn Burns, and Library Director Ceil Cunningham

Meeting opened at 7:02 PM

Minutes: Harriet Burris moved, Steve Burns seconded to accept the minutes as presented. All approved.

Financial Report: Ann Ward moved, Tom Estes seconded to accept the monthly report as presented. All approved. A donated book fund for non-fiction may have ceased. Income appears to be $18,000 less because of grants we received in 2017.

Bills to be Paid: Harriet Burris moved, Ann Ward seconded to pay the bills totalling $5,436.33. All approved.

Budget: Copies of the corrected budget from last month were emailed to all. Ceil noted there may be some savings since the new cleaning person is working only two hours per week.

Friends of Mcsherry Library: no report

Monthly Bluegrass report: March attendance was down. (16)

Old Business: no report

New Business: Tom Estes took a webinar about construction grants (deadline June 1st). He will research more about the whole building generator systems and present thet information at the next board meeting, along with other situations we need to consider; such as possible gallery expansion, Day Shelter idea, HFY projects in the vicinity, and possible propane heating systems.


Board concerns: next meeting we need to discuss the Dining Out Card. Ann moved, and was seconed by Tom Estes to adjourn at 7:35pm.

Submitted by Sue-Ryn Burns, substitute secretary

Approved April 11,2018


                                                                                  Macsherry Library Minutes April 2018          Apri 11th  2018


Present: Harriet Burris, Steve Burns, Sue-Ryn Burns, Tom Mitchell, Rich Leclerc, Georgia Weathers, Ceil Cunningham, Amanda Rydberg, Ann Ward, Cecilia Thompson

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.


  • The minutes are reviewed

Ann moves we accept the minutes except for “staff concerns”, Rich abstains, Amanda seconds, the motion passes.


  • Designated donations, showing is the total sum of money that were transferred
  • Money was deposited to open accounts in new bank, WSB, money was distributed from the debit card.
  • WSB Tom E and Ceil should have access to the debit card account
  • Tom will set up a meeting with Greg Couch to see about the investments

Amanda moves to accept the financials, Harriet seconds, all are in favor.

Bills to be paid

  • The bills are reviewed

Ann moves we pay the bills, Amanda seconds, all are in favor

Friends of ML

  • There is a letter in place but there are a few issues such as wrong addresses. Barbara Hearns drafted the letter, Ceil and Ann reviewed the letter. Ann asks if the Board has someone in mind that should receive the letter to please let them know. In mid-June, the second letter will go out which is the one asking for money. When Molly arrives Ann, Cecilia, Harriet, Barbara and Carolyn Childs, will have a meeting on how to improve the numbers from the Friends.
  • Ceil would like to fact check the letter the next time. Board thinks it is good that the letter is going out.

Board Concern

Ann moves to add Darden MacWade to the Board as of today. Darden’s resume is passed around. Harriet seconds, all are in favor.

Monthly Blue Grass

April’s attendance was down a bit but up from March. New people are in the audience.

Monthly Programs

  • All is going well, painting is going forward, movies are happening as discussed.
  • The Easter event is reviewed, 96 people were in attendance. Easter Bunny was here, cookies and milk were available, crafts. The following day, Hearts for Youth participated in the Egg Hunt at the school.
  • Quilt event happened, 11 people in attendance.

Old Business

  • Discussion on building generator, gallery expansion, day shelter. The propane system report
  • Is tabled since Tom E is out of town. For an on-demand generator, if we go that way it will run off of propane. Grant funding is being looked into.
  • Library/HFY programs Tom E is to give an update, tabled.

Golf Tournament

Advertising is discussed, Amanda will send to Ceil information to send to the TI Sun

New Business

  • Macsherry Card - We are to talk to those we spoke to last year. The list is reviewed, and board members sign on to make calls.
  • Georgia’s Father was a commercial artist, his love letters are discussed, would the library want them they date to the early 1900’s. Georgia has also been saving her Xmas cards, she has this collection and wondered if the library would like them?

Staff Concerns

  • We have turf issues due to plowing during the winter and the Village blocked us out of 6 parking spaces due to plowing. We might want to post off our parking lot this winter.
  • Yard work was done this week. Mr. Davis went to see the Village about the damage to our plumbing. A discussion follows on the problem.
  • Discussion on an estimate for the sink hole – swamp is backing up to our property and causing problems. Low area by the reeds is an area of concern.
  • It is recommended we donate $100 to the Fire Department.

Ann moves the library donate to the Fire Department, Amanda seconds, all are in favor.


  • The library has received a box of new books, Wellesley Island Farm. Bay House will take them.
  • Discussion on other pieces he gave us one of which is an antique case that will go in the silent auction,

Amanda moves to accept the donations Ann seconds, all are in favor.


  • There is a class action suit against Ambit which is discussed. The recommendation is to talk to Jim Costello, find out what he knows about it. One of the questions is was the library in the guaranteed, or in the roll over. We remember if the group makes their payment on time, we will get savings. Tom M will get in touch with Jim. Ceil will give Tom the contract to review first.


Trim on the building has an issue, Ceil will ask Matt to have a look. The outside light is not an issue at this time. Door to the gallery as well to the meeting room are listing and Ceil will ask Mat to have a look.

Meeting adjourns at 8:21 PM

Sue Ryn moves we adjourn the meeting. Ann seconds, all are in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Cecilia Thompson


Macsherry Library Board Minutes  5/9/18


Present: Tom Mitchell, Steve Burns, Sue-Ryn Burns, Ann Ward, Harriet Burris, Amanda Rydberg, Tom Estes, Rich LeClerc, & Ceil Cunningham Library Director

Meeting called to order 7:05pm

Regular Business

Minutes from previous meeting read. Motion to accept with corrections made to April meeting made by Harriet B. & Tom E.

Financial report presented by Ceil Cunningham. $15,000.00 from the Town of Alexandria came in May 1st.Motion to approve May 9th financial report made by Ann W. & Harriet B.

Motion to pay bills presented May 9th made by Harriet B. & Ann W.

Greg Couch will come to a future meeting to give us information about financial planning. The library will be receiving @ $545,000.00 from Mr. Macsherry's estate. Everyone feels strongly that we should let Greg and his firm continue managing the funds.

Motion was made by Ann W. to invite him to our June meeting.

Friends of Macsherry Library report by Ann W. Committee will meet to put together a fundraising letter to mail in June.

Attendance at Monthly Bluegrass event seems to be growing now that spring has arrived.

Library Programs included the book club, quilting group, painting classes, a new monthly poetry group, and the needlework group (which will soon be meeting twice on Mondays – 10am and then 7pm). Tedra Cobb held a well attended meet and greet at the library.

St. Lawrence County Arts Council gave the library $780.00 towards the summer reading program.

May 19th there will be a presentation by Ray Petersen and Joshua Canale for our series “Democracy at Risk”.

We have two new board members;  Rich LeClerc & Darden MacWade. Welcome!

Old Business

Tom Estes will bring more information about the possibility of getting a grant to install a “Whole Building Generator” . Apparently we would need to convert to propane for heat. We would need to get bids for installation.

A possible addition was briefly mentioned.

Tom Mitchell will research and write up a summary of the possibility of forming a joint committee between the library and Hearts for Youth. The most recent Tuesday afternoon program was attended by 28 children.

New Business

Macsherry Card was in and ready to sell. If anyone wants to sell some, contact Ceil.

It's time to start collecting items for the annual Silent Auction on July 20th.

Some have come in already. We should try to get photos in the TI Sun or at least on our Face Book page.

Motion was made to have Nick Speach do the catering again this year by Ann W & seconded by Amanda R.

Rich L. will contact Sweets Lorraine and order a cake “In Memory of Dick Macsherry”.

Staff Concerns

Hinge on one of the Gallery doors was not installed correctly and is failing. Repairs will be made.

There is an employment opportunity for someone for 20 hours a week during the summer season.. Ceil will seek referrals from the Ag teacher and school nurse to see if there's a student who might benefit from summer employment.

Board Concerns

Rich L. moved that a limit of $1000.00 be placed on repairs to the sink hole, exterior plumbing, clean up, and the repair of turf due to winter damage. This was seconded by Ann W.

Ceil will contact Mike Kahrs to repair the lights in the rear of the building.

Meeting concluded @ 8:45pm

Minutes submitted by Sue-Ryn Burns

Approved 06/13/2018