Board of Trustees Minutes 2019


Macsherry Libary Board of Trustees

June 12, 2019


Present: Steve Burns, Ceil Cunningham, Tom Estes, Dean Honeywell, Rich LeClerc, Darden MacWade, Tom Miychell, Amanda Rydberg, Ann Ward, Georrgia Weathers.


Excused: Carol Recktenwald


Minutes of May, 2019 were approved with the addition of the Bluegrass Report which had been omitted. Ann Ward


Financial report: After discussion, Steve Burns, seconded by Amanda Ryderberg, to approve the Financial Report. Ceil Cunningham pointed out the Macsherry Card returns were somewhat behind 2018. Rich LeClerc questioned the very large increase of the water bill from 2018. Ceil will check into this.


Payment of Bills: Amanda Ryderberg moved, seconded by Dean Honeywell to pay the bills as presented. Ceil pointed out the current insurance statement was considerably larger than years past. She stated she would look into it.


Scholl Ballot referendum: Ceil thanked those trustees who had voted for the referendum.


Friends of the Library: Ann Ward reported that Barbara Hearn would be leaving and asked President Tom to send a thank you letter. She pointed out she would need more volunteers in the future.There is a letter going out to Friends of Library , and both the President and Molly MacWade would need to sign it. Molly also has a seperate letter of her going to about 30 non-Friends. Ann also reported that the rack cards were ready for the printer. There will be 250 of them, will be on card stock, displayed on the library counter. Amanda Ryderburg moved, seconded by Tom Estes, to accept this report as presented. M/S/C.


Bluegrass report: Georgia Weatjers reported a record attendance with 52, inclusing 200 musicians. Also, Max Patterson came for the first time with his ukelele.


Library program report: Ceil stated that there is a one-month hiatus because of the silent auction.


Old Business:  


Hearts for Youth: Dean Honeywell moved, seconded by Ann Ward, to give 75$ for snacks and treats to Hearts for Youth for two upcoming events being handled by Denise Haddock. M/S/C. President Tom reported that Debbie Grimes had helped the children make American Girl doll clothes, and that the chess club which had met at the Bay House of Artisans was now meeting in the library. He added that about 90% of what HFY does happens in Macsherry library.


Book Sale: This would begin this Saturday, June 15. Ceil stated that she would  need volunteers working on this project; staff could work extra hours on it.


Silent Auction: Dean Honeywell turned in three donations. Tom Mitchell's dad's house sold, and he has four boxes of items to go through for possible donations. Georgia Weathers plans to donate a bronze bust of Kwan yin. Keeley held a sale for HFY during the village wide sale and took in around 1000$. Darden stated that Molly had already contacted Nick Speach about food for that event. Steve Burns discussed the publicity actions that needed to br taken, PSA, article in TI Sun, etc. President Tom scheduled a meeting for June 26 at the library to coordinate donations and any other arrangements that would need to be made.


Golf Tournament: Amanda Rydberg had to leave early, but she reported that the tournament was "awesome" and that she hoped to set one up in June of 2020.


New Business: Tom Mitchell announced that the River Hospital was willing to donate 5 pods. Tom stated that they had heat, AC, plumbing, etc, and that he would be going on a walk-through soon. All they would need would be concrete pads.


Staff Concerns: Ceil reported that New York State law now required standing 100 feet from the door of the library. She now needs to ghet rid of standing ash trays.


Board Concerns:  None

Ann Ward moved, seconded by Dean Honeywell to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 8;10 PM  M/S/C

Respectfully submitted,

Georgia Weathers

Secretary pro tem



Macsherry Libary Board of Trustees

July 20, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:02



     Minutes are handed out and reviewed.

      Changes: For the Book Sale, Ceil can use staff as well as volunteers. Under staff concerns, state law requires "100" feet not "90". Keeley held a sale for HFY and took  
             in about $1000. Change library to HFY. 

Ann moves to accept the minutes as amended, Georgia seconds, all are in favor.



      A question was raised at a previous meeting about the water bill being too high. An electric bill was listed in Quickbooks as a water bill.

      Regarding the money taken in this year, the Book Sale receipts are almost identical; Macsherry Card revenue is up slightly.

      Office costs were higher due to toner purchases and Quickbooks payroll subscription not paid yet in the previous year.

      Golf tournament receipts were higher with fewer people attending.

.       We are part of Amazon Smile and when placing an order you can choose Macsherry Library for your donation.

       We review actual expenses.

Ann moves, Steve seconds, all are in favor of accepting the financial report.

Tom moves to accept the bills to be paid, Steve seconds, all are in favor.



      Barb Hearn is no longer able to volunteer; Linda Toomey has agreed to take on the role. We will go over everything with Linda when she returns from her ime away.

      The staff took over and sent out the original letter asking for donations from Friends. We need more revenue and more Friends; it's an uphill battle.

      The Friends letter went out on June 21st. Responses are not in yet, but we hope several of the Friends attend next week's Silent Auction.


     Excellent audience turnout. It was held in the Readin Room with new people attending. Nice assortment of musicians.

Library programs:

      All are waiting for the wood burning class by Steve Jarvis. This is an adult class.

Book Sale:

      Money raised is discussed. We have sold a fair number of books, but we have a long way to go.

      We have 3 boxes of valuable old books, they have a high dollar value as colletibles. We will keep higher value books and sell those valued under $50.

Silent Auction:

      July 19th is the date.