Public Comment


                                   Circumstances arising from the Covid 19 pandemic have forced Macsherry Library to close its doors to the public. The 
          Board of Trustees, in their monthly meeting held March 11, unanimously voted to empower the Library Director to close the      
          library if the situation warranted such action, closing the doors to protect the health of both the public and the staff. That  
          has come to pass. Macsherry Library has closed.


                        The situation continues to change rapidly, with more of the State of New York closing down daily. There are rules         
          governing such actions as library closings , imposed by the State Education Department, and the Open Meetings Law. These    
          rules also seem to be in the process of being amended, relaxed, and reconfigured to meet the present crisis. Many of the        
          methods suggested for the mandatory open meeting which at this point still seems to be thought necessary are either
          impractical or impossible.


               The best possible method the Board of Macsherry Library can manage seems to be this:


          Set a date for a conference call meeting of the Board.

          Post that date on the Library's website and Facebook page, and solicit comments to be read during the call.

          Hold the call reading any public input before formally voting to close the library, and carry out any other pressing business or
          votes. Adjourn once business is completed.

          Produce minutes of this conference call in the proper format, and then post them to their proper place at the Macsherry Library

          This is a solicitation for such comments. Send them to and they will be read at the
        meeting and given full consideration.